From the makers…One Nine Nine Four

Good Day Friends.

Just another little update on our documentary ONE NINE NINE FOUR. Editing has now been finished and we are about to lock off on our colour grade and sound mix.

Our plan at this stage is to premiere the film early in 2009. We have lots of exciting things planned for the film and the way we plan to roll it out and release it. First of all this film was made as a homage to the bands of this era and the music that I grew up listening to, secondly it is a film for the fans and like minded people. I am just really excited that people will soon to get to see this which has nearly been 2 years in the making.

I know that I have previously said the film would be released this year but after I had finished editing, I now have all the boring business aspects to take care of so that we don’t get taken out one night(know what I’m saying?) So that’s why a fresh 2009 plan is what makes the most sense and makes sure everything is done properly.

WE ARE STARTING A STREET TEAM – We are looking for about 50 – 100 people all around the world to help spread the word on ONE NINE NINE FOUR. The street team will be my best friends but we will also be sending you a free T-Shirt, stickers, posters, pins, etc to help spread the word about the film. And if we do a film festival or premiere event in your town, guess who is coming to hang out us? YOU. If this sounds of interest to you please email and we will get back to you with more information.

click here if you are having trouble viewing –


click here if you are having trouble viewing –

Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone you think may be interested in our shit.


Jai Al-Attas & Matt Wardle
Robot Academy Films

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