All The Small Things – Mr. Bean’s Version

My mind had come up with an idea of making a simple music video of the song “All The Small Things” by Blink 182 featuring Mr. Bean. The idea is about cutting different released scenes of Mr. Bean’s movies as well as of his TV shows and join them to make different kinds of funny scenes which makes people laugh. Some of the Blink182’s scenes will be also in it. The title of the video is named -“All The Small Things – Mr. Bean’s Version”. The making will start soon, and hope it will progress slowly and slowly. My friend (Asbin) Bin wants me to help to make this video. I think both of us will make it good to watch at least one time.

As I am a huge fan of Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) and Blink 182, I am making this video as a fan’s gift to them for what they had given us to these days. Though Blink 182 has broken down and Rowan Atkinson had said that the series of Mr. Bean have been ended and no new movies will come after Mr. Bean’s Holidays, this video will be refreshing the memories of the fans of both Blink 182 and Mr. Bean.

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