From the makers –One Nine Nine Four


This Thursday I(Jai) will be interviewed on Last Call With Carson Daly on NBC at 1:35am just after Conan. The interview is revolved around my 90’s punk rock documentary ONE NINE NINE FOUR, which we are hoping to have released just after US Summer 09.

Carson heard about our film through the grapevine and he is such a huge fan of all the bands documented in the film that he reached out to us for a screener. He saw the film and liked it enough to invite me on the show to talk about it and spread the word(Thanks guys).

This is the perfect year for this film to be released, not only is it the 15 year anniversary of punk rock breaking into the mainstream in 1994 but Blink 182 have just reformed to make a new record & tour and Green Day are releasing a new record this year. Not to mention it’s the 25th anniversary for NOFX, Rancid will hopefully be releasing their highly anticipated new record and The Offspring are one of the biggest bands on radio right now(again).

Stay upto date with us at

And remember to tune into Carson on Thursday…. If you miss it, you’ll be able to watch it online at Carson’s NBC website.


Jai & Matt

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