Mr. Bean’s Holidays

Mr Bean's Holiday

Oh! the movie is just cool. Lots of humor. I have watched it at the time of release but I was willing to write about it and today I got the chance.

Its better to watch movie than to review it.919

The m616usic of the movie is really good, its best part of the movie.

From the beginning:

The movie starts from a raffel, where Mr Bean reaches with his ticket of “616” and the Bumper Prize was A trip to the magnificent holiday in the beach of  France i.e. Cannes. But the Bumper Prize goes to ticket no. “919”. Mr. Bean becomes so disappoint and throws the ticket. But he again looks at the ticket which lies on the toy train but this time the ticket was upside down and was showing “919”. Finally he realizes that his raffle ticket no. was “919”, and he dances in amusement. He also wins the video camera along with the trip to the beach of France.

I will be updating more review of the movie next time. Keep visiting.Mr Bean on cycle

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