time was running out, i should attemp 30 marks questions further but the exam hall was quite hot and the two fucking,stupid boys either of my side was covering the whole desk leaving me no space to be cool. i decided to go out, i washed my face and felt the cold water and what come into my mind was the thing that i had wrote on my arms but the cheat question was not present on the question paper,i see that almost rubbed by sweat,it was so blury that my eyes was going deaf…

i turned out back !!!!! holy shit….BS ( “Bir Sing” what other students call him) but i actually dont know his name as i also dnt know any names of the other teachers of this fucking college. he hold me so softly that i was shaking coz this is the first time i am caught doing so called illegal thing. ahh!! dnt wanna remember that moment!

he told me come out and go straight home, then he went out and i continue making me handsom loking at the mirror.when i went out he was not there and i was foolishly searching him. I didnt find him and sadly went to exam hall and sit quitely. when i hold pen and start writing i was shaking like an earthquake of 100 recter scale shake.. oh god!!!this is embrassing,. and the handwriting was as i am Dr.Siddhartha, even i didnt wnderstand what i wrote that two lines.

After that BS came to my class, I gently stand up showing him resspect, he call me forward with the answer paper and “Go to home”, I tried to convince him like the girls do in bitchy flavour but it was useless. He again scold me” YOU ARE IN SECOND YEAR AND THIS IS WHAT WE TAUGHT YOU,IF YOU TALK MORE NOW YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO GIVE OTHER EXAMS ALSO!”. son of a bitch what he thinks of himself. but it was my mistake overall.

then i walked to toilet again and took some more glances of my handsom fucking face and got out of the class and direct to the cafe in front of the computer writing to the whole world that i am busted!!!!!

<script type=”text/javascript” language=”javascript” src=”http://s3.polldaddy.com/p/2011780″></script&gt;

5 thoughts on “BUSTED!!!”

  1. boring lagyo kura sunda tara dherai funny lagyo lekho patern dekhdai.khub hasuthyo tara boring bhayo .tara kehi chaina sabao ko exam bikreko cha .ramrai garyo b.s. pen ko mashi ta bachayo r hath pani dukna bachayo.

  2. ajai RJ (Chemistry teacher and Arun kc) ko bejat gardau hai ani padna mazza aucha yaar. maile kya has uthyo hasda hasdai pet pani dukhya babal rekheko cha reyacha…

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