3rd Division on XI

I want to fly, I want to rush to college as fast I could,just when will be 5 on the clock,just waiting n waiting….
“Rajwec did u type my symbol no. correctly?”,this will be my 1st question when I’ll meet him. I m feeling nervous, querious, horney, energetic, cool, {over}excited, happy n just happy!!!
Its been almost a year that I ve not heard my result with “Pass” on it. So, it really dnt matter to me now that I ve passed in 3rd Division coz “Pass ta Vayae”! Grade XI was a big mess for me, dnt want to remember those days just a word is enough “Cuss Salae”!
And today I also changed my name to “Khoya Birkaay” on facebook which means “Bhatti ma paenea Raksi”! N right now my iPod is shuffing my favourite songs ‘all rated with 5 stars’! Wow today was a WoWeSt day of my life : ” Morning to Chovar, then after come back directly to cyber,used computer for 2 hours but paid only 20, mother scold n chased me bcoz I was out whole day n didnt helped them so I m hungry now bcoz they planned not to give me food bt I secretly brought ChowChow {Noodles} n it was vegeterian n was really tasty! mmmm……n drank ‘full pet’ water!
Ok gud nyt!

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