“five point someone” to ‘3 idiots !!!’

3 idiots!!!

This is the first time I am writing something about a bollywood movie in my blog. And I am not feeling any nervousness. So the reason that why I am writing about the movie 3 idiots is not because the actor is Amir Khan and the actress is Kareena Kapoor. It is because of the novelist “Chetan Bhagat”. If you have already read the novel “five point something” then you must have already known what I meant!!!

Anyway if you don’t understand then here is my explanation: The movie “3 idiots” is the movie version of the super-duper-tuper hit novel “five point something”. All says the novel is just WOW!!! And I am also one in that crowd!

In the novel the writer has told the story of 3 boys who are totally strangers to each other. First time they meet in “IIT(Indian Institution of Technology)” while their seniors are ragging them! And then the whole story begins….

I am just waiting for the release of the movie on December and I am excited to watch that: have they managed to make the movie in such a standard that Chetan Bhagat had done in five point someone! While I read the novel I just kept on imagining the situation of the story as described by Chetan Bhagat, now I want to see that, does my imagination really matches the movie!!!! Just waiting!!!

I just want to suggest all of you that, watch the movie: you will found a lot of humor, there was sex in the novel but I really don’t know that is it in movie or not, heart touching moments etc etc.

And one thing, I had not imagined that the girl in the novel will be like Kareena Kapoor’s make up and looks, I have seen all those on previews and advertise on TV.

Watch the movie and if you are not satisfied with my saying and the movie then just read the novel. If you are lazy and don’t want to read the novel anyway, save it for your days after retirement!!!!!!!


From Chetan Bhagat’s blog

Movie Review

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!!! ENJOY !!!

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