Busted Again would not be wrong to entitle this post bcoz we are busted again!!!

Busted Again would not be bad to entitle this post bcoz we are busted again!

The all credit goes to my very dear friend Rajwec as I’ve even not updated that blog once, ya I did it one time but the name was of Rajwec as author. Yes, I am talking about www.rajwec.wordpress.com , our very own blog on tech-no-logy. It has been blacklisted by wordpress.com because of the violation of their term of services. I was totally surprised when I first saw the page……WO! That was HORRIBLE, click the link you will see yourself!

I was not going to believe that, so I double checked the address that I entered but that was absolutely right. So to end my curiosity I signed in to wordpress with my own id, as wordpress supports many authors just by adding the email address, so I had previously added rajwec’s blog as my own account and I can easily sign in via my id and password coz I was dammed by his unmemorable password!!!

There I saw on the ‘Dashboard’ (what they call for admin page in wordpress), with black bold letters with superb kind of dashing English inside a red box.

Now I am worried that, will they black list my blog too coz I am linked with rajwec.wordpress.com working as a author as well as administrator…..don’t know but actually I felt happy coz we attracted there mind to the blog and one thing the blog rajwec.wordpress.com states i.e. visitors numbers was more than 1000 in less than one month from November 2009.!!!!

I really don’t know for which content they blacklisted us, I wish Rajwec would delete that and appeal for re-activation of the blog…..I read it on the Dashboard that we can re-activate the blog by resending them message that they have mistaken and picked a wrong blog. And we also have an option to transfer the whole blog to another service provider like blogger etc, but I wish we may continue in wordpress coz its OshaM and getting popular second by second……

Ok I ve to go to sleep as its 2 am in the morning and from 6:30am I ve got classes to attend where I’ll meet Rajwec and we’ll joke and make this wordpress issue a good time pass and our new experience.

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