Christmas ! Google Chrome !

Whats up !!!  I m asking myself. I was having a real difficulty to surf the internet through Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, bcoz they were seriously slow, but I m not blaming them bcoz my own comuter is not superior. Sometimes back while I was reading an Indian Tech Magazine “digit” I was attracted by a word i.e. “outdated”, there it was written  : “Your computer might be outdated!” : the case was that, in the article the aurthor was solving the problems of users and while giving the answer to the user the author wrote that. The whole point of me telling this is, the computer I use is totally outdated. 256 MB RAM, Pentium III Processor, 730 MHz.

Now what I am going to tell you is that, I was searching for a fastest explorer and what came into my mind is Google Chrome! I downloaded but failed 2 times and finally completely downloaded it .

I am feeling great using Google Chrome. And this post is also from Google Chrome, previously I was not able to update my blog but now using Google Chrome, its being a real easy !!!

And now only one mood is on my mind and its Christmas !!! Yes ! Its winter ! Its holiday ! Its Christmas ! Though I am not a Christian, what I like about Christmas is the Lights and Music, coold days n nights ! Christmas movies, realy loved them when I was a kid i.e. not that kid….in school days !!!

Download Google Chrome !

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