Kathmandu: More than 300 college students caught in Babylon Disco !

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KATHMANDU: Nepal Police today raided Babylon discotheque in Sundhara this morning and detained 356 girls and boys of 34 schools and colleges for indulging in immoral activities after bunking classes.

A team of Metropolitan Police Sector, Janasewa, raided Babylon at 8 am and apprehended 62 girls and 294 boys. When the police reached the venue, some were dancing on a Hindi remix song, while others were sitting on the

sofas or lying on the floor. The police took them to City Police to screen them for drugs and alcohol.

However, they tested negative and at 4 pm the police called their guardians and teachers and released them, said MPS team leader Inspector Abadesh Bista.

Students from Plus Two and Grades VIII, IX and X from Sigma College, Xavier Academy College, White House College, Patan Campus, Campion College, Cambridge College, Little Angel’s College, Shri Ganesh Boarding School, Kantipur College and Amar Deep School were among those detained.

Some students were in their uniform for the bunkers’ party. Every Friday, Babylon and other discos organise such parties and charge only Rs 50 as entry fee. On other days the entry from Rs 200- Rs 500, said Vicky Shrestha (name changed) from Sigma College, Thamel.

Metropolitan Commissioner’s Office spokesperson SSP Madhav Prasad Nepal said all discotheques were supposed to close at 12 in the night and open not before 6 pm. “Most of those detained are in the age group 15-20 years. They started gathering at the disco since 7:30 this morning. Some students changed their uniforms into party clothes inside the disco. Some of them are underage,” said Nepal.

Nita Shah (name changed) from Ganesh Boarding School complained, “We admit that we should not have done this. But why police called the press and let them take our pictures. We are not criminals and we have not done a crime. At our age, such things are normal. Police should have kept us behind bars but should not have let our pictures be taken.” Madhav Khanal (name changed), who came to receive his daughter, complained, “I never knew that my daughter goes to discos and smokes cigarettes. I am an army officer and my wife works in a reputed bank. We have raised our kids in a healthy environment.

My daughter studies in Grade VIII and today she told her mother that she was going to school early from her friend’s house. She told her that she has to collect some books and they will go to school together.”

MCO AIGP Madan Bahadur Khadka said, “We released them because they tested negative for drugs and alcohol. Some are ignorant and underage kids. We called their guardians, informed them, took all details from them and then released them.” He added that the students told the police that three bouncers — two males and a female — fled the scene when the cops swooped on the disco. Hunt for the three bouncers and three owners of the disco was on, he added.

Babylon owner Subhash Palunga, along with X Bar owner Stallion Sherchan, was arrested from X Bar, Sundhara, yesterday. (THT)  

8 thoughts on “Kathmandu: More than 300 college students caught in Babylon Disco !”

  1. Oh Common!!!
    “Give me freedom, give me fire, give me reasons, take me higher!!:”
    Why don’t they leave those kids alone!! just some fun!!

    Why are they locked up for 6 hours!! A warning to leave the disco would be more than enough!! & the press, the journalists!!

    College administrations should think about it & sort out a solution that can stop these students from doing this!!

  2. Regarding the fact that Nepal has the highest number of woman trafficking victims in the world I guess it’s good that this ‘fun-party’ was stopped. The girls might not know it but they are easy catches for traffickers. It’s not safe for girls in Kathmandu to join in discotheque parties at these hours.
    What should be done is that colleges organize school festivities themselves so that these kids can have their own parties in a safe environment.
    Having pictures taken and published of these kids is also totally wrong and immoral. No need to do that.

  3. its true that Nepal has the highest number of victims in woman trafficking, but all those women comes from the rural areas of Nepal due to lack of education about this, basically people here tell that, women who are trafficked are tricked by the traffickers telling them that they will give them good work in town and who doesn’t want there life to be more easier, so women are tricked and sold to India mainly.
    Kathmandu as a capital here people are more fashion conscious and so the teenagers here are attracted to this sort of things(discos). the raid in the Babylon discotheque almost a year ago was a shocking news, because, that Friday these teens bunked their colleges at the morning starting from 6/6.30am and went to discotheque, they literally don’t have any sense what there parents are doing for them to get them higher education, a secure future ,good lifestyle etc that comes in a parents imagination about their child.
    And colleges/ schools also don’t like these stuffs relating to discos, in Nepal parents takes discos in negative way.

  4. Well of course anyone above 18+ is adult and must be allowed to have legally acceptable fun with MONEY THEY EARN THEM-SELF NOT FROM THEIR PARENTS POCKET. STOP.

    PARENTS who finance their kids to do whatever they want after 18+ must be arrested and sent to jail, who spoils the kids? Its their PARENTS…

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