Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal will Quit soon

Madhav Kumar Nepal

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Madhav Kumar Nepal agreed to quit to gain support from the opposition Maoist party to extend the term of the parliament.

The three main parties have agreed on a power-sharing deal.

The country has been suffering from political deadlock since the Maoists quit government last May.

“He is ready to resign,” a spokesman for Mr Nepal, Bishnu Rijal, told AFP news agency. “But he wants to make sure that all the outstanding issues arising from the peace process are settled before he resigns.”

He added that the prime minister would meet party leaders over the weekend to discuss the way forward.

The parliament, or Constitutional Assembly, elected in 2008, had been due to expire on Friday, the deadline to write a new constitution.

But the Maoists, the ruling Communists and the Nepali Congress Party agreed to extend parliament by up to a year.

The Maoists had demanded Mr Nepal’s resignation as part of the deal to avert political crisis.

There had been disagreement over the details of the new constitution, which would pave the way for fresh polls. The parliament’s extension allows time for more negotiations.

The Maoists, who are the largest party in parliament, have been protesting against the government since their leader, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, resigned as prime minister last year.

Madhav Kumar Nepal

NEPAL averted a looming political crisis at the weekend after its Prime Minister agreed to resign, but the move has created new uncertainty over the country’s hopes for a democratic constitution and stable government.

Madhav Kumar Nepal offered to step down in a last-minute attempt to secure the support of Maoist politicians for a bill to extend parliament’s term, which was due to end midnight Saturday morning and leave the country without a functioning legislature.

But his decision has left the country’s three major parties – who have been unable to agree on even the basic foundations of a new constitution – struggling to hammer out a fresh coalition government and prime ministerial successor.

Madhav Kumar Nepal

“At one level, we have overcome a crisis but at another, we have reopened the gates of political chaos with each party, and several individual contenders, competing for the top job,” the editor of one leading Kathmandu newspaper said.

Leaders of the Nepali Congress, Communist Party of Nepal (UML) and the Maoists met yesterday to discuss how to take Friday’s agreement forward.

UML leader Pradeep Gyawali told reporters: “They are also discussing the PM’s resignation and they hope to create a work plan on the next possible steps.”

Nepal’s parliament, or constituent assembly, was elected two years ago to draft the new constitution but was scheduled to dissolve at the weekend without having completed its task.

The Maoists, the largest party in parliament, refused to support an extension of the assembly’s term unless the PM agreed to make way for a unity government. They finally agreed late Friday to extend parliament by a year after Mr Nepal caved in to their demands.

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