Blink 182 interview at KROQ FM

Mark,  Tom & Travis are playing Epicenter Twenty Ten this September and all of their fans seem to be freaking out and thinking the same thing. Where’s the new music?

Kevin: So how far are you into it? Five percent? Eighty percent?

Tom: Uh, you know it’s hard to say that because these days, I mean we started on that last record we did and we were working a long period of time cause we were trying to get it right so uh, so I’m thinking we’re about eighty percent done.

Kevin: Which actually translates to twenty when you throw some of them out and things like that?

Tom: Yeah… No, this is exciting. It’s a really exciting time for us. The band you know, since we got back together, it’s such a larger force than its ever been. So it’s exciting.

Read more and watch the entire  interview after the jump.

Bean: Isn’t that amazing? I mean, let’s talk about that for a second because for folks who haven’t followed the chronology of the thing, Blink-182 was together for along time right? Fifteen years or something like that before you took the hiatus? And then you were gone and for whatever reason people didn’t forget about you, it got bigger and bigger the longer you were gone. And when you came back I mean it’s just been aces since then. And I also thought since the minute you decided to get back together and we saw that announcement when you came on the Grammys, every single day of your life, maybe every single hour, people have said “when is there gonna be a new blink song?” That must be the most frustrating part about the whole thing.

Mark: Nah. Not at all. That’s the most ingratiating part about the whole thing is that even after all this time people are still wanting to hear music from us and…

Kevin: Why don’t you put one out then?!

Mark: Because the thing is… I wanted to bring a song this morning just to play… The thing now is that  everybody wants to hear… like whatever we do now has to be great. The first song we have to do has to be really great where as before you could like throw a song into a live set or work a new song in or whatever but now with all this pressure it’s just gotta be like The Song.

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