I say;

I lov u.yea,i luv u.i luv ur forceful smile which u make when i say smth u dnt think which ve any sense.i luv u.yea i luv ur way to express,clearify things which i think dnt ve any sense. I luv u,i really do. Smtimes i hate u,yea i hate u cuz u dnt wnt to meet me,express ur feelings n jst keep me away. I hate u when u slam ur poisned words on me n say to depart.i hate u most when u hide ur hard times,when u dnt want to make me pain due to ur pain. Yea i hate u when u make reasons to leave quickly frm our date. Yea i hate u when i miss u d most n u even dnt bother to talk clearly on phone. Yea i hate u,i hate u today this moment.plz dnt send me those painful msgs.tears’ dnt make them fall, blood dnt make them bleed.

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