Google Doodle – Guitar – Play

I saw guitar strings placed in order to predict that its trying to make me believe written Google. Yes it was on Jun 09, 2011. Usually when we open browser, especially “Google Chrome”, it shows default homepage as we agreed it while installing the browser 😀 .


After figuring out whats that, I was placing the mouse cursor on the ‘Search Box’ suddenly “dringgggggggg…gggg“. ! I rolled over the cursor on the string thats why “dringgggggggg…gggg“. By the time I forget what I was going to wreite on the search box and google some information.

Now I had totally forget Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or my WordPress/Blogger, I did the “dringgggggggg…gggg” – “dringgggggggg…gggg” thing almost for many minutes, used mouse, keyboard to play.

The next day:

Again today, while opening browser…..same thing repeated….and today there was a change, A Record Button insted of Keyboard Button ! So now the excitement was double. Now I can play and record and re-listen the “dringgggggggg…gggg“. And also copy the link and paste onto notepad and save for future “dringgggggggg…gggg“.

The next – next day: 

Today also same routine, opened browser (default homepage) !! Now WHAT !! Same OLD GOOGLE logo.  😦  Damn, now I searched for the doodle and I found out that Jun 09, 2011 was 96th birthday of  Les Paul’s  (wikipedia here).

I also found out that you can access to previous google doodle just by clicking on “I m feeling Lucky” button on google’s homepage. :D. So what ! Now I play record that guitar any time I want to ! “dringgggggggg…gggg”

Want to Play – dringgggggggg…gggg!! 😀

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