Vancouver Stanley’s Cup Riot – Role Social Medias’

Vehicles set on fire - Vancouver Riot

VICTORIA — The streets of Victoria were quiet and clean this morning, a far different scene from the garbage and debris strewn in downtown Vancouver. Rioters caused large scale damage to businesses and buildings, after the Vancouver Canucks lost Game 7 of The Stanley Cup Finals.

Cars were burned, windows smashed, but in the mayhem thousands of others watched and snapped videos or filmed the horrific scene. Now the Vancouver Police are making a plea to the public to help identify the perpetrators.

Within minutes hundreds of photos and faces had been uploaded to Twitter and Facebook among other social media sites. Some of the vandals even boasted openly about confrontations with police and wounds sustained.

Social Media expert David Black of Royal Roads University says that Social Media sites were part of the reason these riots were far bigger than the last in 1994, but will also provide much of the evidence to charge those responsible this time around.

Several Facebook sites are asking people to upload their photos so that other can identify them, while the Vancouver Police have set up a tip line at 1-604-717-2541 or images can be emailed to

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