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IPL 2012 – Indian Premier League 2012 – T20 Format Cricket – Full Touch Samsung GT S3653 JAVA Game – Samsung Corby GT S3653 Full Touch Screen JAVA Games Download

IPL 5 - T20 - 2012 - Cricket Free JAVA Game For Samsung Corby GT S3653

The most happening event in the world right now – IPL 2012 – Hit Six and Four or even Take Wickets and direct upload your achievements to Facebook and even Win a Volkswagen. Download and Play now, Full Touch Game for Samsung Corby 240×320 Mobile Phone and even compatible with similar sister phones.


Google Doodle – Guitar – Play

I saw guitar strings placed in order to predict that its trying to make me believe written Google. Yes it was on Jun 09, 2011. Usually when we open browser, especially “Google Chrome”, it shows default homepage as we agreed it while installing the browser 😀 .


After figuring out whats that, I was placing the mouse cursor on the ‘Search Box’ suddenly “dringgggggggg…gggg“. ! I rolled over the cursor on the string thats why “dringgggggggg…gggg“. By the time I forget what I was going to wreite on the search box and google some information.

Now I had totally forget Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or my WordPress/Blogger, I did the “dringgggggggg…gggg” – “dringgggggggg…gggg” thing almost for many minutes, used mouse, keyboard to play.

The next day:

Again today, while opening browser…..same thing repeated….and today there was a change, A Record Button insted of Keyboard Button ! So now the excitement was double. Now I can play and record and re-listen the “dringgggggggg…gggg“. And also copy the link and paste onto notepad and save for future “dringgggggggg…gggg“.

The next – next day: 

Today also same routine, opened browser (default homepage) !! Now WHAT !! Same OLD GOOGLE logo.  😦  Damn, now I searched for the doodle and I found out that Jun 09, 2011 was 96th birthday of  Les Paul’s  (wikipedia here).

I also found out that you can access to previous google doodle just by clicking on “I m feeling Lucky” button on google’s homepage. :D. So what ! Now I play record that guitar any time I want to ! “dringgggggggg…gggg”

Want to Play – dringgggggggg…gggg!! 😀

Longest Lunar Eclips – 101 minutes – From Nepal

Tonight’s lunar eclipse will last for 101 minutes from Nepal. Nepal will witness one of the darkest and longest total lunar eclipses of the century in the wee hours of Thursday morning. (THT)

The earth will come in between moon and the sun which will create shadow of the earth on the moon.

Also an astronomer with Balmeeki Campus in Kathmandu, Acharya informed that the peek-a-boo between the two heavenly bodies will continue for three hours and 40 minutes with the moon entering the penumbral region of earth’s shadow in the southwestern skies at 00:08 am NST and leaving it at 3:48 am NST.

During the eclipse, the moon will appear to be colourful. “The moon may have reddish glow as a small fraction of sunlight gets filtered or refracted from the earth’s atmosphere and manages to reach the moon to illuminate it

The last lunar eclipse to exceed the totality of 100 minutes was in July 2000, according to the US-based National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The longest total lunar eclipse of the century, which will be five to six minutes longer than this one, will befall on July 26, 2018.
Unlike a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse can be observed with the bare eyes

The entire event will be visible from the eastern half of Africa, the Middle East, central Asia and western Australia, according to NASA’s calcuation. Though Europe will miss the early stages of the eclipse because they occur before moonrise, totality will be seen throughout the continent except a few places. On the other hand, NASA said the eastern Asia, eastern Australia, and New Zealand will miss the last stages of eclipse because they occur after moonset. The eclipse will not be visible from North America, however. 😛

Content orignally from : The Himalayan Times

Maxthon – A whole new level of web browsing.

Maxthon is an awesome web browser, its so cool and its simply user friendly. In my view it have beaten Google Chrome, lets not talk about Mozilla Firefox, though Firefox have 29.9% of the market share, these days its simply fading, in my view those

 people use Mozilla Firefo who wants to get out from Internet Explorer (IE) and go nowhere.

Though IE have the largest market share – 39.5% but its not simply worthy. Its heavy, takes loads of time to load etc etc.

Its built in plugins and addons make download more easier, no additional plugin search and install required to download videos, music from any site.

Go to: to download . FREE !

Pros : Everything.

Cons : Only for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Android